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Environmental Energy Harvesting Self-powered IoT Sensor Device


EEH-IoT sensor device

      Energy can be found everywhere in our surroundings and exists in different forms that are radio frequency (RF), vibration, light, temperature gradients and cable current. These environmental energy can be harvested to power sensors to achieve IoT sensor devices working normally in battery-free, maintenance-free, and cable-free mode.


EEH-IoT sensor system

        When many battery-less IoT sensors are operating to form an IoT sensor system, the IoT sensor system can provide the services of intelligent diagnosis, analysis and control, which can further make company or individual to manage assets more efficiently and comprehensively and resources can be allocated more optimally.


Environmental Energy Harvesting IoT (EEH-IoT) sensor devices have no physical cables to connect, are powered by themselves and work at very low power consumption.

  • Battery-free. IoT sensor devices are powered by harvesting environment energy.

  • Cable-free. Power cables, communication cables are not needed.

  • Maintenance-free. No battery replacement.

  • Easy installation. No wiring required during installation.

  • Environmental friendly. No battery pollution.

  • Long service life (over 10 years).

  • Ultra-low power consumption and energy saving

  • Upgradable, expandable and flexible.

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