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Intelligent Vehicle Engine Starter


        Intelligent Vehicle Engine Starter (IVES) has the excellent ability of engine starting for people traveling by car. IVES is to solve the problem that the car cannot start due to battery power loss, battery aging, cold weather or other conditions. IVES adopts supercapacitor technology and has its unique features of maintenance-free and pre-charging free, no explosion and no fire (lithium batteries may explode and catch fire), and can reliably start the car in extremely cold weather (-40°C). IVES has two applications: one is to install it in the car and start the car engine online; the other is to start car as a car jump starter, when there is a problem with the car starting. IVES makes engine smoother, more reliable and more powerful. It is a product that can assure user "your engine can start anytime, anywhere".

Three major functions

Engine start

Start vehicle engine

Emergency start
IoT monitoring & warning

Monitor the status of battery,

early warning when vehicle

battery begins to fail.

Perform emergency start when

vehicle engine fails to start



  • Excellent starting capability based on supercapacitor technology

  • Extend the life of car battery

  • Ultra-low temperature start (cold crank start at -40℃).

  • Safe to use, battery-less operation

  • Maintenance free

  • Long service life (over 10 years)

  • Intelligent device with the ability to predict the useful life of the car battery

Two applications

Install it in the car and start the car engine online



Start car as a car jump starter




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